São Paulo artist began his career in mid 1997. The search for growth has not ceased and today he divides his time between walls, canvases, papers and digital drawings.

Graffiti in your life is of fundamental importance because the creations are collective because they suffer direct interference from both passersby and other artists. In his canvases he uses oil paint, as it is a slower process, in an intimate encounter with silence he seeks the center through painting, this process forces him to think at all times about new solutions for the works. The drawings, both digital and inks and pencils bring the beginning of everything, values the strokes before the colors because you see your soul in the gesture of the stroke.

The main theme of all his work is the spirit, the search for silence, the patterns and symbols used always refer to the center, the beings approached are androgynous, thus allowing greater freedom of definition on the part of those who see his work.