Second episode of the web-series A7MA TV produced by Jahjah Filmes, directed by Marcel Carneiro, "... which aims to substantiate the material of the A7MA gallery ...", brings the subject "Magma", next exhibition by Marcus V. Enivo.

In an appetizing dinner at the weekly meeting of the study group focused on contemporary art coordinated by Walter Nomura, Tinho, the speeches are the summary of hours discussing, reflecting and conceptualizing the work that will be presented in Magma.

In order of appearance, speech formed by Jun, Ramos, RMO, Guilherme Provenzano, Marcio Ficko, Marcelo Ruggi Tche, Katia Suzue, Highlander, Alexandre Orsetti, Bruno Pastore, Andre Inea, Celione, Bieto, Walter Nomura Tinho and Monica.



to (re) configure ourselves in the mother's lap

in the language of divinity

our days, habits, management

painting, life and excellence

and what goes on at the surface echoes until the beginning

because the being is manifested in the presence

in what we are available to. ”

Bruno Pastore

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