Between the gray walls and the colorful graffiti of the city, promote dialogue and renewal in space

A7MA Galeria's artists are renovating the walls of Beco do Batman, one of the most frequented places in the city of São Paulo, a reference in urban art as an open-air graffiti gallery.

The intensity and mutation of graffiti makes encounters and creations among the people that circulate in Vila Madalena, it is still a mandatory tourist spot for lovers of urban arts. Currently, Beco was the center of attention in yet another chapter of ~ Cidade Linda ~, a program created by the new mayor of the city of São Paulo, which already carries a judgment of taste in its name, which, let's face it, does not fit very well. a City Hall.

New walls produced by the artists and partners of A7MA, Tche Ruggi and Enivo. Another is in production by artist Jerry Batista, who is using chalk as the raw material for this work, using spray less and less, thus proposing that site visitors participate in the work.

Last days at A7MA - Magma Exhibition by Enivo

In a very spiritual way and focused on self-knowledge, Enivo brings to A7MA Galeria “Magma”, an exhibition linked to the artist's transmutation process in the last 8 years. The exhibition continues until May 25. Separated by moments, the first being Yang, a universe of search and expressiveness, with works in mixed technique, many torn, burned or sewn. It is the space that portrays the moment of research and development of the artist from 2003 to the present day.

About A7MA

A7MA is an independent space of art and culture located in the neighborhood of Vila Madalena - São Paulo. Result of the union between the artists Enivo, Jerry Batista and Tché Ruggi (COLECTIVO132) and the engravers Alexandre and Cristiano Enokawa (FULLHOUSE), A7MA presents monthly exhibitions of emerging artists in the world street art circuit, valuing the multiplication and sharing of information and knowledge acquired through intense research and practice, bringing together and sensitizing various audiences and generations, belonging or not to the universe that permeates urban art. Resignifying authentic behaviors and concepts and believing in the vanguard, it represents the art that was born on the streets and gains, day by day, visibility and recognition in the market and in the history of art.

Telephone: 11 2361-7876

Press Contact:
Carolina Pires - 11 99684 5432
Mariana Belmont - 11 9613 6098

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