Artists from A7MA Urban Art Gallery, paint collective panel in Vila Madalena

Artists from the Urban Art Gallery, A7MA, paint a collective panel, in Vila Madalena, of the most varied styles, among them are Tché Ruggi, Enivo, Bieto, Rafael Hayashi, William Mophos, Ricardo AKN and the guest Binho Ribeiro. It is common for artists to meet to have a beautiful day with a lot of production on the streets of São Paulo. This time the place is in Vila Madalena, where the A7MA Gallery is located. Anyone passing by will be able to have the pleasure of meeting them and can still visit the gallery, which is full of art, as well as being able to check out the individual exhibition of the artist Ricardo AKN, visit our collection of works and to close the exhibition. a look at the prints produced by Atelier FullHouse de Silkscrem, follow on our Instagram @ a7magaleria and our Facebook A7MA.

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