Sérgio Free – “Reflexão sobre o presente”

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Sérgio Free – “Reflexão sobre o presente”


- Spray and acrylic paint on canvas

– 70 x 70 cm

– 2020


About the artist Sérgio Free:

Sérgio Free is from the south of Bahia, Sérgio lived on the banks of the Rio de Contas until he was 5 years old, in a simple and humble environment. He arrived in São Paulo in 1986 and knew a world of values different from those printed in his personality. This conflict permeating the formation of his personality made him see beauty in chaos, in things that often did not make sense to other people. Due to his experiences in the sertão, Sérgio had to conform to certain standards in order to be accepted by society.

This beginning made him a graffiti lover, a collector of pixo leaves. He knew who the gangs were by the style of letters and the influences of some gangs on others, in the different regions of the city.

Today, Sergio Free paints with spray, acrylic paint and marker. It records your memories, experiences and questions the current world with a scientific view. It freezes experiences, reproducing the city scene in realistic scenarios, where your character sometimes represents himself, sometimes represents society.

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