Rafael Hayashi – “Retomada do poder”

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Rafael Hayashi – “Retomada do poder””


- Oil on canvas.

– 100 x 210 cm (tríptico)

– 2021


About “Rafael Hayashi”:

Paulista who finds inspiration in his daily struggle to survive in the great metropolis and not be devoured by it. Conflicts between society and the individual are the central theme of his work. In the production of his paintings, forms and characters emerge from abundant masses of paint. The artist tells us that there is a hidden side to him, which goes through the fine mesh of his thematic choices and which emerges in the midst of the paintings, he calls it an affectionate moment and sometimes sadness. However, he almost always controls what he wants to convey in his works.

[…] “Most of the time I hide behind these big and strong figures. As if they were walls, the paintings form a barrier between me and the world. They are like frowns and I feel safe behind them. The world is hostile and art sometimes also responds with hostility. ” Hayashi says

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