Paulo Ito - "Untitled"

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Paulo Ito - "Untitled"



– Nanquim, ecoline e esferográfica sobre papel canson

– 29,7 x 42 cm

– 2021

About the artist:

Paulo Ito was born in 1978 in São Paulo and started painting in public spaces in 1997, today he works mainly in the west of the city. In 2011 he published the independent comic strip “Mais Barato Free”, which totaled more than 5,000 copies distributed free of charge.

In 2012 he participated in the São Paulo exhibition “Mon Amour no MuBE” and in 2013 he exhibited at the second International Graffiti Biennial of São Paulo at the same museum.

In 2014, he painted a panel that became the biggest viral in the FIFA world cup, appearing in communication vehicles in more than 20 countries reaching millions of people worldwide.

He also painted iconic gables in São Paulo such as Greenpeace's “Save the Tapajós” project in 2016 and the mural against excessive alcohol consumption in 2018.

He exhibited at the Second Moscow International Street Art Biennial in 2016, participated in 2017 in the “Memorie Urbane” Festival in Gaeta in Italy, exhibiting at “Street Art Place” with Apollo Torres and in 2019 won the Bunge Institute award in the art category of street.

Fez murais em grandes dimensões com os artista Enivo e Quinho no Sesc Santana e um painel na cidade de Cali na Colômbia. Também fez a direção de arte do curta de animação que será lançado em breve chamado Subsolo da Otto Desenhos.

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