Luís Alexandre LOBOT - “9 ways to promote meetings”

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Luís Alexandre LOBOT - “9 ways to promote meetings”


- Nanjing watercolor pencils and acrylic paint on cotton paper 300g

- 29.7 x 21 cm

– 2021

About the artistLuís Alexandre Lobot ”:

Luís Alexandre Lobot, is constantly influenced by the amount of information that large centers contain and the speed at which they happen. Because he is perceptive and lives in São Paulo, he is constantly bombarded by information coming from all sides, whether it comes from buses, subways, store ads, television, people's speeches, radios, ambulances, vehicles, crowd noise. In this way, he feels inspired and uses it as a resource for his paintings and drawings. Influenced by graffiti and other artistic manifestations, together with an ancient futuristic spirituality he sees in art the way out of his existence, in which he builds a private universe using perspectives, colors, shapes, words, the city and its Noises.

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