Iaco – "Where I can exist"

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Iaco – “Onde eu posso existir””


– Técnica mista e colagem sobre tela

- 100 x 70 cm

– 2021

About the artist:

Iaco Viana is a visual artist, 38 years old, born and raised in the south of São  Paul. Worked for some years as an art educator and education teacher  art in a public school. 

He started to make interventions through urban art in 1996, after some  years of studies at the arts faculty went on to create murals and installations  through the city streets. 

In 2004 he was selected from the São Paulo arts colleges to be  art assistant to artist Silvio Galvão (creator of the Ra-Tim-Bum castle) that made him appreciate and study more about sculptures. 

After a few years of making murals and installations on the streets of the city,  returned to make sculptures and dedicate himself more to paintings, participating in  some collective exhibitions in art galleries in the city of São Paulo and  abroad; in 2019 was selected for an artistic residency in Europe  Konvent Institute (Spain), in which can create some installations and expose  at the end of the residency. 

To finish in the same year, he had his first solo exhibition at Galeria Monica Martins (MMArts -Vila Madalena) as the name: “how many days the night took”… this exhibition was created to end a transition cycle of works done on the streets using typography in stylized cursive handwriting, through a study on the “EGO” and to show the new paintings in which he spent many years studying various techniques and studies on symbologies. 

Nowadays he has dedicated himself more to paintings, using different supports  where he creates textures, layers, cell dimensions, using symbology, numerology in a deconstructed architecture of a synthetic universe combined with poetry and strong expressions between lines and lines.

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