Felipe Ikehara – “Orchid”




Felipe Ikehara – “Orchid”


-Acrylic and oil on canvas

– Width: 138 cm
– Height: 192 cm

– 2018

“Orchid”, unique and original work.

About the work "Orchid":

Salto is part of the SUAVE series, which was an exhibition of Felipe ikehara's latest painting works.
Most of them, carried out in 2018, the works aim to illustrate moments of introspection and their sensations. The subtlety of color transitions in pastel tones harmonize with the organicity that is opposed to the graphic rigidity of ornamental patterns. “Suave” is Felipe Ikehara's first solo exhibition and it shows a path in which the artist proposes to understand the particular technical rigidity as opposed to the acceptance of pictorial chance that are manifested during the act of painting.
Every artist faces aesthetic, procedural and thematic issues that are manifested in his works, “Suave” is the way Felipe Ikehara presents the development of these issues to the public.

About the artist “Felipe Ikehara”:

Born in São Paulo in 1987, Felipe Ikehara is a visual artist and develops painting on canvas, murals and drawing, these being the processes manifested as his main artistic vehicles. So, the technical development of drawing and painting is combined with the search for visual references of nature and human beings.
Therefore, within a declaredly figurative work, the particular and universal symbology structures the thematic pillars of the works. At the same time, rigidity and organicity are exalted through pastel tones to compose images that translate the sensation that emerges from a lapse in everyday life and results in a moment of introspection.

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