Enivo - “Onca”

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Enivo - “Onca”



-Acrylic and spray on glass


- 29.7 x 21 cm

– 2021

About the artist “Enivo”:

Enivo, signed a vital pact with art and its essence at the age of 12, through his first experience with Graffiti, in 1998. Since then, he has marked the streets of the city with the materialization of ideas, expression of feelings and questions, through the image . Enivo says that all the changes in his work are like portals for the new. He understands that technique, concept and expression are cyclical. Each new series created is the result of what has already been done and, at the same time, a step towards new research, ramifications of ideas that present continuity, new possibilities of creation in search of the Core

In addition to free-expressive art on the streets and in the studio, he has illustrated advertising campaigns for many brands and decorated several homes and companies. Graduated in Plastic Arts at Faculdade Paulista de Artes, he is also an art educator, sharing knowledge and experiences with young people focused on researching and producing art. Founding partner of A7MA Galeria, Enivo acts as curator and organizer of exhibitions that think Art, in movement.

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