Atsuo Nakagawa – “Monstra”

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Atsuo Nakagawa – “Monstra”


-Spray, tinta acrílica e nanquim com café sobre tela

-21 x 16 cm

– 2019


About the artist “Atsuo Nakagawa”:

Plastic artist Atsuo Nakagawa was born in the city of Kyoto, founded in the year 794 - the former capital of imperial Japan, being replaced by Tokyo in 1868. Graduated from the Kyoto University of Plastic Arts (Saga Bijutsu Tanki Daigaku) in 2001. The main influence in his art comes from the famous paintings of the interiors of the oteras of Kyoto, with more than 1,600 Buddhist temples and 400 Shinto shrines.

The 20-meter painting of the dragon of the Myoushinji Temple by Tanyu Kanno (03/04/1602 - 04/11/1674) profoundly marked his childhood, due to the works and large-scale panels of the renowned artist. In this way, paintings and sculptures of old dragons, demons and monsters enveloped Atsuo Nakagawa's imaginary.

Two months before definitively arriving in Brazil, Atsuo Nakagawa witnessed the devastation in Fukushima and Miyagui caused by the earthquake and tsunami, on March 11, 2011. The strength of the Dragon had been awakened again in Japan. Sensitized by the tragedy, the artist he decided to express the power of nature in his illustrations and paintings, bringing another meaning to the Dragon: Prosperity and Protection. Thus, when transposing the image of this mystical creature on the walls and walls, Atsuo Nakagawa wants the dragons to protect the city of São Paulo against urban dangers. Residing in Brazil since 2011, his art is endowed with ancestry, avant-garde and gratitude for the country that welcomed him.

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