APCE - “The Basquiat´s Car”

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APCE - “The Basquiat´s Car”


- Acrylic on canvas

– 90 x 120 cm

– 2020

About the artist:

On the outskirts of Cotia, in the extreme of São Paulo, I was born and raised. I was adopted twice, by the street that welcomed me and by mother Francisca. I learned early to choose and to be chosen. 

I bring expressions from my memories in the plants that beautified my difficult childhood: the woods, the smells and textures. They are in the rue baths, in the blessings and in all the spaces occupied by the fragments of nature, in the small house I grew up in Vila Albertina. 

In 2005 I learned about Graffiti through my brother Enivo, and since then I knew what I wanted! Between comings and goings to stabilize life and art, it took me ten years to understand that art is the movement in me. 

Today these experiences come out of my everyday look at all of nature that crosses my path and also from the small exchange with my personal collection of the plants I grow at home. 

The expression of colors, tones and textures on canvases, walls and papers is how this relationship overflows me.

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