Auni Seiva - from the series, “Post-Graffiti”

R$200,00 cada lata

R$150,00 cada lata comprando acima de 4 peças

Instalação completa R$6.000,00



Auni Seiva - from the series, “Post-Graffiti”


-Cement, nylon thread and objects

– 21 x 15 cm (cada peça)

– 2021


About The work:
“Post-Graffiti” SERIES
I was never a “conventional graffiti artist”, I never met the expectations of what is technically perfect graffiti… Being a woman, non-white, from a humble family, entering this macho world that is the culture of Graffiti, is a triple demand of having to prove it its own value. My work is mainly conceptual, and, behind the series mentioned, I am thinking outside the box, the rules, and “Post-Graffiti” brings this question. It is to visualize beyond the heteronormative world, a lagged model, to reframe this movement, to bring an unknown and feminine force to the surface, to review all the structures, to open new paths ...
Regarding the artist:

I was born in 1986, since I was a little girl I lived in the north of São Paulo, I lived in Guarulhos for years.

I currently live in the Perdizes neighborhood. I started timidly in the culture of "Graffiti" with the nickname "Auni", in 2005, where it all started. Since 2014 I attend a group of contemporary art studies, offered by the artist Walter Nomura (Tinho), represented by Galeria Movimento (RJ). Plastic arts training at Panamericana de Artes school (2012).

Concept: Ethical-existential sustainability

I integrate studies of quantum physics, psyche, synchronism, mysticism, and use the objects discarded by the city (which become “invisible” over time) to criticize today's society, with a tendency towards impulsive, irresponsible and often irrational consumerism, such lack of control is based on countless times, in an attempt to make up for internal shortcomings and voids.

If ephemeral and worthless materials become a means of insight, it can happen anytime, anywhere. I become the participant who transforms the objects that come my way. These objects present in my work were found initially on the bicycle path (at the time I lived in Guarulhos and cycled to downtown São Paulo) during my stay as a resident artist at Funarte, from the end of 2017. Through the colors (which were already part of the palette I use), I started to pay more attention, and started collecting them, not knowing exactly what it would become. Disconnecting myself from painting, at first, I produced more than 200 cement blocks throughout 2018, creating the “Energy Blocks” series, with a simple mold made of cardboard and adhesive tape, and in these, I was agglutinating the objects and looking for compositions that made sense, search for balance and self-knowledge. Since then, I have been collecting them. I propose to reconnect the inner and outer world.

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