William Baglione - “Chante Nightz” series

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William Baglione - “Chante Nightz” series





Paper: Schoeller Photo Matt Fiber 200g

Printing Type: natural pigment

Edition 1/100


22.5 x 40 cm

– 2020

About the artist “William Baglione”:

William Baglione, born in 1976 in São Caetano do Sul. Son of a family descended from Italians, he grew up in São Lucas Park, East Side of São Paulo.
Its main source of reference is the punk movement, mainly the visual aggressiveness, the interest in the gross and offensive, the resignification in bizarre contexts, the social criticism, the contempt for political and moral ideologies, the music and the independence of the movement in propagating ideas using their own promotional materials: posters and fanzines.
Women, commonly present in their work, are a reflection of this subversive culture, associated with eroticism and seduction, part of the Do It Yourself thought and without strings attached.
They uphold the values of anti-machismo, anti-homophobia, anti-fascism, free love, anti-leadership, individual freedom, self-education, iconoclasm, anti-androgens and cosmopolitanism, which are central to this movement.
It also incorporates a lot of the New Wave look, with a strong visual impact, like the fluorescent tones and the over style of the time.
The scenarios he creates for his productions are inserted in a world without rules, without limits, something somewhat dreamlike, called by the artist Chante NIghtz.
In his words, his work refers to a European B film, where his photography works as a frame of a feature film with the ambition to provoke sensations, questions and strangeness, calling the viewer to his world.

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