In November, the opening of the exhibition OPNI CoMvida – Um Rolê por São Mateus took place. With unpublished works, the artists recreate the atmosphere present in the alleys and hills of the São Paulo periphery. The show portrays the essence of the OPNI CoMvida project – Galeria a Céu Aberto, which has been carried out in the eastern zone since mid-2009.
From the samba circle in the corner bar to the wooden shack that is the realm of entire families, from the favela that is a slave quarter, to the Brazil that is also Africa, between brushes and sprays, canvases are transformed into life clippings, giving rise to stories as real as the trajectory of those who paint them. In each space, playfulness is present, transporting the public to an immersive reflection on issues that permeate the debate on current issues such as racism, violence against women and the right to the city. In this exhibition, each work can be a mirror of itself, or of the other. And any resemblance is not a mere coincidence with reality.
During the Exhibition that marks the celebration of the 18th anniversary of the OPNI group, works by artists B47, Lelê Paes, Mateus Silva, Toni William Crosss, Pedro Caravaca and Jhoao Henr will also be exhibited.
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OPNI CoMvida Exhibition - A Rolê Por São Mateus at the A7MA
Opening: November 19th from 6pm
Visitation: November 20th to January 23rd, 2016
Where: A7MA – Rua Harmonia, 95B, Vila Madalena, SP
Telephone: 11 2361-7876
Free entry and booking groups for visits.

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