Skills and the Future

per Aline Anzzelotti

We discover a new way of living, of being present wherever we want, without leaving our place. This is a historic moment and whoever does not dare to risk entering this world of infinite possibilities runs the risk of diminishing his own possibilities. Still, the need to have other skills has become over time.

What are your skills?

GPS, BITcoin, Bluetooth, Organizational Culture, QR Code, Outsourcing and Applications. Tools that emerged and changed the course of human evolution, showing that we need to develop new skills to live. After all, it is possible to live a life freer from the systematic capitalism we know, if we are connected with new ideas.

From a more holistic perspective, times had already changed before the Covid-19 Pandemic, but we know that after that the world will certainly never be the same again. An example of this change was the beginning of co-working spaces, which can be rented for hours, the company makes the meeting it needs and then delivers the key. In conclusion, no monthly rent, no bureaucracy, no major bonds.

Now, it has also been proven that it is possible to work from home in many positions. So why would a company that can have high costs to maintain an office go back to this format? And making it even easier, the number of MEIs and PCs in general mode grows every day. But it is also necessary to update our brain applications, so that adapting to these new changes is not a disaster.

Multiple Intelligences Theory

In the 1980s Howard Gardner, a professor of psychology at Harvard, developed the Multiple Intelligences theory. This theory serves as a guide to skills for human beings to develop and perform their role as best as possible in different areas of their lives. They would be:

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence: it concerns a person's capacity for operational achievement. That is, numerical and deductive operations.

Linguistic Intelligence: it is directly related to the ability to learn different languages. Furthermore, it is also linked to the ability to use speech and writing for a purpose, such as interpersonal communication, for example.

Space Intelligence: this concerns the ability to understand, recognize and manipulate situations that are considering vision as a determining factor.

Physical-Kinaesthetic Intelligence: we can understand it as a “body intelligence”. It is related to the ability to use bodily movements to resolve something. It ranges from assembling a toy to contributing to the construction of a car or a house.

Interpersonal Intelligence: it is linked to understanding people's intentions and desires. Direct reflection on the social relationship of the individual in a group.

Intrapersonal Intelligence: directly linked to the development of an understanding of the self. This is the intelligence that is crafted to know yourself and be able to act to achieve personal goals.

Musical Intelligence: is what many call musical talent. It is that aptitude for composing, playing or being inserted in the universe of musical standards.

Natural Intelligence: that which is related to the recognition and classification of a species of nature.

Existential Intelligence: linked to reflection on themes that are present in our life.

Our skills also need updating.

This theory made and makes a lot of sense, given the challenges that life brings. However, current life demands an addition to this theory, which was made by Murilo Gun, an expert on the subject. So, he says that to get the best out of life today, the 5 most important skills would be:

  • interpersonal: quoted above.
  • intrapersonal: quoted above.
  • Interactional: a dynamic knowledge of the digital world, as a basic course to learn a little about technology and science.
  • Creative: No machine can replace human creativity. So for those who develop their creativity, the future is very promising, guaranteed by the great ability to solve problems in new ways and develop new ideas.
  • Learner-Educator: adults need to continue to be educated and for that it is necessary to develop a “Shoshin” mentality which means “beginner's mind” a term used in the martial arts. Saying “I already know” never again, there is always something to learn. So, so important is the ability to educate, even if you don't have children, we are all educators at all times.

No human being can be defined or limited, but for this not to happen, it is important to seek to evolve and use the tools that are available for this. Thus, knowing a little bit of everything seems smart, no one has to be a scientist if they don't want to, but knowing how things work adds to our repertoire and brings more tools for creativity to use.

A tip for those interested, is to rate yourself on the aforementioned skills and see how you do. Investing in self-development brings many benefits and sometimes we just need to invest a little time.

Art is a stimulus for creativity

Art is one of the greatest stimulants to creativity, which is a special and valuable skill. Is it over there it makes the brain have to make new neural connections, creating new thinking possibilities in the brain and when new connections arise, great ideas can also arise. In other words, infinite possibilities.

A7MA week

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