OCEAN” is Rafael Hayashi's third solo exhibition at the gallery. Presenting 11 works from his current blue phase, the artist dives into an unknown current. The ocean assumes for Hayashi a symbol of immensity, sometimes intimidating and with an end that he still cannot visualize, but at the same time it carries infinite possibilities for discovering horizons and unprecedented routes of navigation.

Conflicts between society and the individual are the central theme of his work.

He is from the city of São Paulo, where he was born and lives, that he draws inspiration from his works that portray his struggle with the metropolis and the strength he does not to be devoured by it. Just like in the city, in the ocean – the name translated from its current exhibition – entire ecosystems are born daily, regardless of our knowledge of their existence. These undergo ripples of different intensities, mixing, submerging and even engulfing each other.

In the production of his paintings, forms and characters emerge from abundant masses of paint. As if he could mold the canvas, he sculpts with his hands and pieces of fabric its lights, volumes and movements.

“…It is curious to note that my hidden side sometimes goes beyond the fine mesh of my thematic choices. Amidst the paintings, affectionate moments emerge, a loving embrace, an emotional expression and also sadness. But most of the time I hide behind these big, strong figures. As if they were walls, the paintings make a barrier between me and the world. They are like frowns and I feel safe behind them. The world is hostile and art sometimes also responds with hostility.” Says Hayashi

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