about the core


… ''the admirable among Beings in common office at the temple. Soul where creation fits.

Art, home flowing river that flows into the immensity of life.''

Marvin Rantex


Gaston Bachelard tells us of the existence of a wandering core, a zone of the psychological state directly related to the élan vital, the original and primitive energy that accesses us independently of the controls of consciousness. For him, it is from the anteriority of this source that the impulses of will that generate the realized world flow. Such feeling can be compared to Clarice Lispector's “It”, which, also preceding the spirit, is a part of “thought behind thought”, prior to the unconscious of psychoanalysis. For both of them, this nucleus is fixed and dispersed at the same time, as something that is done and undoes at will, being spread everywhere, accessible at any time and place. As they themselves say, we are encompassed by this that permeates everything, that is, we are not the ones who access it, but he who unconditionally accesses us.


As someone who feels the need to inhabit the fountain, without ever abandoning it, the exhibition “Núcleo” intends to get closer to the sub-private atmosphere of what we call A7MA.


Opening up the intimacy of our most sincere desires – the nuclear region that brings together beings of art from all over the city –, we celebrate five laps around the sun, five years together through admiration, belonging and brotherhood. It is about the inner contemplation of a temple that has been bringing together artists, collaborators, consumers and dilettantes devoted to the genuine art that came from the streets.


A house that is always open, from time to time, must expose the foundations that constitute it as a sustainable dwelling. This meeting that configures the “Núcleo” intends to honor our sincerest intentions of the past, while fertilizing the soil of the present so that daydreams germinate and grow in the future as habitable structures. As the gaping veins of a river unite different paths, this exhibition integrates a part of the work, a part of the whole that the gallery's trajectory represents.


And that this collection will nourish us with vivid expectations for this year that seems to demand colors from us.

Bruno Pastore, A7MA gallery 

Participating artists are; Rafael Hayashi, Ju Violeta, Jerry Batista, Tché Ruggi, Bieto, Alto Contraste, William Mophos, Lobot, Diego Aliados, Nena Madalena, Felipe Ikehara and Cristiano Kana.

February 2017.





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