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First Solo Exhibition by Nena Madalena

Born on January 28, 1948, in São José dos Campos, Madalena barely knew her father and lost her mother when she was 7 years old, thus having to take care of her 3 brothers. He grew up working in family homes, with no time or opportunity for studies. Still young, she came to São Paulo and married José, with whom she lived for 30 years and had three children. In 2008, Madalena suffered two strokes, when she lost her speech and part of her body movements. Encouraged by grandson Marcus Vinícius Enivo in 2010, Madalena began to constantly practice painting, her only possible means of expression, discovering herself a genuinely naive artist. In 2012 he participated in the exhibition “Coração na Mão” at A7MA Galeria. Today he has works in collections in Italy, Germany, the United States, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, among other states.

Madalena reveals memories through vivid colors, in a playful universe inhabited by families, children, circle games, cirandas, animals, rain and sun. Canvas and ink narrate the memories and joy of a simple life.

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