DUALITY - William Mophos

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William Mophos is from São Paulo, born in São Bernardo do Campo, the city where he began to paint, influenced by his older brother. According to the artist, his painting style is defined as “spiritually inherent” and is constantly being modified by seeking different ways to represent his feelings. The contact with street art and, consequently, the contact with non-recycled and abandoned materials brought William's attention back to the beauty and diversity found in garbage. Each of the pieces, with their textures and formats, became unique through the action of time.

The raw material collected on the street became unique through the action of time, giving rise to pieces that make up the urban element in the series. The spiritual and internal universe, on the other hand, expresses itself in the emptiness of space-time which, in its absence of limitations, makes an analogy to the vastness of the human mind.

Proposing a contrast in which the body represents the interface between the outside and the inside of human consciousness, the exhibition "Duality". The factors that make up the external and material vision of everyday life refer to the routine of large metropolises.


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