Marina Zumi, an Argentine artist currently exhibiting at the Saatchi Gallery (London), opens an individual exhibition “Dinergia”, on March 10, at the A7MA Gallery. The exhibition presents a series of works of art that include energy flows, installation and sewing, the usual procedure in its production, characterized by attitudes of street art and contemporary art.

The exhibition debates the term Dinergia, a process of creating patterns by the union of opposites, created by the Hungarian architect György Doczi. For him, the golden ratio is established by the perfect balance between opposing forces that generate the sensation of harmony and beauty in the forms caused by the movements of nature: in the galaxies, in the waves of the sea, in the sunflowers, in the shells, in the human body and in a human body. series of other cycles.

Zumi presents a selection of mandalas and an interactive installation, where the public will be inviting to feel part of the energy flow with the works as an axis. Among the mandalas, the highlight is the Mandala Ouroboros, inspired at the symbol of snake biting its own tail in a circular and continuous movement as the dynamic and life-transforming process. 

For Zumi, the proposal of the exhibition is to provoke, instigate and stimulate our looks and senses in relation to these opposite and complementary energies. “Dinergia is my way to unite various vertigo of inspiration and create this art of mine”, Concludes the artist.

Exhibition “Dinergia” by Marina Zumi
Exhibition period: 03/10/16 to 04/21/16
Free entrance
Local: A7MA - Rua Harmonia, 95 - Vila Madalena

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  • Very cool! I follow Marina's work and am happy to have the opportunity to see her works up close again. Congratulations and thank you, a7ma!


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