The “Intervalo Contemporâneo” series invites artists to create works that interfere in the garden that we have inside the house. The works installed in this space are a counterpoint to the collection acquired by Ema Klabin, inserting the debate of a contemporary production in the course of the visit, opening space for this interval to cover a different experience and enable a new look at this collection and its interferences.

“A place, closed to four sides, two views and many textures. An almost confined dialogue, where the interactions are plants, shadows, reflections, dark stones, a huge sky, a fountain, some birds, a pendulum, a piece, the new… in an environment that has always embraced the classic, now plunges into a contemporary range expanding their perceptions. ” -Tché Ruggi

The first edition of the Interval Contemporâneo takes place in partnership with the exhibition “Enigma” by Tché Ruggi at the A7MA gallery.

In the exhibition ENIGMA, Tché proposes a mystical environment to the visitor with labyrinths of pyramids, pendulum installations, paintings and magnetized fields. Sharp iron pieces contrast with the smoothness of the floor, weight and lightness, colors and dim light, open and closed compartments. “I think that not only with graffiti, I have possibilities to talk to the city in various ways and the manifestation in which I place myself comes from the desire to act with it”, concludes the artist. [Read +]

photo: Tché Ruggi

11/07/2015 to 12/11/2015
Opening on 07/11/2015 at 14h
Rua Portugal, 43 - Jardim Europa - São Paulo SP
Artist: Marcelo Ruggi (Tché)
Curated by Renê Foch.

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