After more than a decade devoting himself to figurative arts and mainly to graffiti, the artist Bieto evolves in his trajectory and extracts the most essential of his creation, in compositions that use light and shadow arrangements, presented in the exhibition Intersções. From April 29th to June 11th at the A7MA gallery, in São Paulo, a series of paintings presents a geometric reality that leads the viewer to re-semanticize the everyday object through the encounter with the unexpected.

The artist makes use of LED technology and its manipulation facilities to create compositions in which the light is articulated with several elements, configuring a production that seeks to translate and provide the aesthetic moment, the experience of intensity, possibility and pleasure. Geometry appears in the effect of the encounter of the light body with the concrete object, which, like any projected shadow, diverts the obvious paths of the sensible in contact with the real. From there arises the contemplation of the beautiful geometric, mathematically balanced in the result of the work.

The works will be enjoyed in a musical setting available for download on the internet, exclusively created for the exhibition.

The artist
Mixing street language, influence of the hip hop movement and graffiti, with a dreamlike atmosphere, Bieto finds in partnership and dialogue the basis for his artistic creation. Exhibiting at the A7Ma gallery since 2012, the artist has worked with several musicians in experimental projects and also with collectives, always with the goal of uniting music, popular culture and fine arts.

The artist, graduated in Advertising from Cásper Libero in São Paulo, found his daily expression on canvas and on walls. Now, without abandoning the record of strong and bulky features, Bieto inaugurates a new phase in his career, in which light, shadow and animated objects are presented as structural components of his works, adding textures to the already rich collective imagery represented in your job.

The Intersections exhibition has the support of Brilia, a specialist in Led lighting.


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