The Ema Klabin Foundation, in partnership with the A7MA gallery, promotes, on February 19, the fifth edition of the Backdrop Graffiti series, which invites artists to leave their marks on the stage where the musical performances of the Casa-Museu take place.

The guest of this edition is the artist Roberto Bieto, who has already worked with several musicians, in experimental projects such as “Caution! Tinta Fresca ”and“ Circuito de Improvisação Livre ”, in addition to collectives, such as Urubus. Without abandoning the record of strong and bulky features, Bieto inaugurates a new phase in his career, in which light, shadow and animated objects are presented as structural components of his works, adding textures to the already rich collective imagery represented in his work. .

The artist's work can also be seen in the free concerts that have been part of the cultural program of Fundação Ema Klabin since 2009. The group Cia das Antigas opens the first musical show (12/03, at 16:30) with Música Sacra e Profana no Renascimento, the show has a partnership with USP's Chamber Music laboratory.

Graffiti backdrop with Roberto Bieto
Date: 02/19/2016
Opening hours: From 10am
Location: Ema Klabin Foundation
Address: Rua Portugal, 43 - Jardim Europa - São Paulo. 01446-020

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