Artist Felipe Ikehara, produced a mural at Sesc Santana in São Paulo.

Artist Felipe Ikehara, produced a mural at Sesc Santana in São Paulo.

“Mural - Solarium”

The artist Felipe Ikehara, resident of Galeria A7MA, who will have his solo exhibition in June 2018, held at Sesc Santana, in December 2017, a mural that was designed for the solarium space, a place frequented by a diversity of people from different cultural and social contexts.
Proposing to illustrate this manifestation, this mural accompanies the following sentence:
"There is nothing new under the sun, but there are new suns."
Quote from Octávia E. Butler, an African-American writer who addressed issues such as feminism, racism and prejudice in her fictions.
The purpose of painting is to demonstrate in a poetic way that we can and must manifest what makes us individuals and still recognize the manifestation of others.
Part of the mural was made with mineral paints, collected and produced by the artist with the support of MUMA (Museum of Mineralogy Aitiara de Botucatu), Berenice Balsalobre, director of the museum, Isadora Balsalobre Athias and the artist Rafael de Assis.
The entire color composition was designed with a view to the interaction of mineral pigments with the painting, forming areas that emphasize the diversity of possible tones through the colors of the earth.
You can also see up close, the artist's works that are on show and available in our gallery in the physical space, located at Rua Harmonia, 95, Vila Madalena, São Paulo.
Open Monday to Saturday from 11:30 am to 8:00 pm.

Any questions contact by phone; 2361-7876 or by email,

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