On February 25, starting at 3:00 pm, it will take place at A7MA the opening of the exhibition “1/4”. With unpublished works, which bring the geographical displacement of four artists between the south and the east of the city of São Paulo, they are Alexandre Puga, Cris Rodrigues, Michel Onguer and Quinho Fonseca. The public will be able to visit the exhibition in the third room of the gallery until April 2, from Monday to Saturday, from 11 am to 8 pm. With free entrance and scheduling of groups for visitation.

“Itinerary that crosses and crosses cultural, social and ethnic barriers. Buildings with a predominantly earthy color variation, brick on brick, orange scenery, tangled wires. Nature, Blue Lake. Looking at Cantinho do Céu. Families live block, sand and cement dreams, raise the gray house ”, defined Marvin Rantex.


Alexandre Puga

Tireless researcher of new techniques in both Graffiti art and painting, Alexandre Puga is today one of the great activists in the Paulistano Graffiti scene, graduated in Fine Arts in 2008 and between classes for young people, studios and outings for graffiti in the city tries finish the Post-Graduation in Art History at FAAP. His characters in colored paints, shout something that has not yet been said, something that needs to be explained, the values and representation of the family in contemporary society is a main part of his visual repertoire.

Quinho QNH

Quinho QNH ', born on the east side of São Paulo, discovered communication through pixação. Self-employed, he experimented with drawing, painting, tattooing, illustration and graffiti techniques. In his work, he portrays everyday experiences based on social criticisms of coexistence and consumption. He is a member of the crews FDP (Outside the Standards), DRR (Defensores do Ritmo Rua), LOWS, OTM (Operation Tinta no Muro), Os Cara De Casa and Sociedade Fantoche.

Michel Onguer

Plastic artist specialized in Graffiti, artist by aptitude. Having Brazil as the theme of works of art seeking values and poetics, presented by everyday life. Her personal world becomes part of the lives of several people, provoking memory and rediscussing values. The flexibility to work on different supports naturally leads to different possibilities, and the lifestyle seeks a subtle way between the balance of living, dreaming and loving.

Cris Rodrigues

An artist recognized in the midst of national urban art with unmistakable features, capable of transforming nebulous and gloomy actions and situations into affirmative art through strong colors and features. In his art he expresses in detail the conflicts and everyday context within the paradox of the discourse of normality. Its complex murals show the subtlety and intensity as it gets involved in the most common situations of the collective daily life and its own daily life. A member of the OPNI Group since 1997, Cris Rodrigues, now in an individual project, contemplates his appreciators with reflective and impactful works.

About A7MA

A7MA is an independent space of art and culture located in the Vila Madalena neighborhood - São Paulo. Result of the union between the artists Enivo, Jerry Batista and Tché Ruggi (COLECTIVO132) and the engravers Alexandre and Cristiano Enokawa (FULLHOUSE), A7MA presents exhibitions of emerging artists in the world street art circuit, valuing the multiplication and sharing of information and knowledge acquired through intense research and practice, bringing together and sensitizing various audiences and generations, belonging or not to the universe that permeates urban art, re-signifying behaviors and concepts with disposition and authenticity, believing in the vanguard, representing the art that was born on the streets and it remains day by day gaining visibility and recognition in the market and art history.

Exhibition "1/4"
Opening: February 25, 2016 starting at 3 pm
Visitation: February 25th to April 2nd, Monday to Saturday, from 11am to 8pm
Free entrance
Local: A7MA - Rua Harmonia, 95 - Vila Madalena
Tel: 11 2361-7876


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