di pichar is human
On July 28, starting at 5 pm, the A7MA gallery will receive the Exhibition #DI# “Pichar é Humano”, a tribute to Edmilson Macena de Oliveira, the #DI#, considered by many to be the greatest Pixador of the 90's. It transcended the issue of the 90's. graffiti be or not art, the artist who, in addition to courage and dexterity, created innovative creations and revolutionized the concepts of graffiti and the field of arts.

#DI# thought and acted on graffiti as contemporary art, carved his calligraphy on the tops of important artistic institutions and emblematic buildings in the city, installed a concrete sculpture in front of Ibirapuera Park, wrote a letter to the Governor of the time and confused journalists.

#DI# “Pichar é Humano” brings a serious and affective research, conceived by the friend “Dino”, curated by Sérgio Miguel Franco, co-curated by Enivo, Photographs by Martha Cooper, Henrique Madeira, Engravings by Cristiano Kana and documentary directed by Bruno Rodrigues and production of Jah Jah Filmes. The show features photographs, newspaper articles, sculpture and a documentary about the artist. All material will be available for sale and the funds obtained will revert to the son of #DI#.

“Today, by formulating an individual exhibition of DI, we are also making history, but now with the prominence of the popular culture that it represents, which developed strategies to expand urban expression to reach such a scale. However, DI didn't make works to fit in the tiny space of a gallery, and it was a photographer of the artistic movement of which he was a part who conducted part of the images that allow us to get closer to his creativity.”, says Sérgio Miguel Franco, curator of São Paulo Mon Amour at Maison des Metalos in Paris (2009), Co-curator of the Berlin Biennale (2012), Master's degree from FAU-USP and PhD candidate in sociology at USP.

#‎DI# – Born in 1975, he began his first contacts with paints, brushes and walls in 1988. His first passion was rock'n roll at the age of twelve, but after his first pixos, he was completely seduced by the project of spreading his signature on walls , peaks and buildings throughout the city of São Paulo. Originally from Vila dos Remedios, West Zone, he leaves his mark on history with his humble, communicative and funny profile. Died in 1997, at 22, #DI# left his legacy to the city and to the history of art.

About A7MA

A7MA is an independent space of art and culture located in the Vila Madalena neighborhood - São Paulo. Result of the union between the artists Enivo, Jerry Batista and Tché Ruggi (COLECTIVO132) and the engravers Alexandre and Cristiano Enokawa (FULLHOUSE), A7MA presents exhibitions of emerging artists in the world street art circuit, valuing the multiplication and sharing of information and knowledge acquired through intense research and practice, bringing together and sensitizing various audiences and generations, belonging or not to the universe that permeates urban art, re-signifying behaviors and concepts with disposition and authenticity, believing in the vanguard, representing the art that was born on the streets and it remains day by day gaining visibility and recognition in the market and art history.


Exhibition #DI# “Pichar é Human”
Opening: July 28, from 5 pm
Visitation: August 1st to 27th, 2016, from 11 am to 8 pm
Where: A7MA – Rua Harmonia, 95B, Vila Madalena, SP
Contact: contato@a7ma.art.br
Telephone: 11 2361-7876
A7MA - www.a7ma.art.br

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