This week, A7MA Galeria started the Tour Europe 2016, taking exhibitions and living painting in cities across Germany and Austria.

The 1st exhibition takes place at Stroke Art Fair Munich 2016, from 4 to 8 May, with Crstiano Kana presenting engravings by the artists Enivo, Jerry Batista, Tche Ruggi, Ale Jordão, Cris Rodrigues, Mozart and Monica Fernandes, Denis Evol, Rim Chiaradia, High Contrast, Zumi, Veronica Cloud, Atsuo Nakagawa and Vanessa Rosa, curated by Alexandre Enokawa and production Fullhouse.

The fair also has an exhibition of works by Enivo, Tche Ruggi, High Contrast, Rafael Hayashi, Lobot, Vanessa Rosa, Red Steam and Ju Violeta and Sliks.

In the sequence, the gallery's partners will go to Kassel, also in Germany for an action of live painting with Enivo, Jerry and Tche Ruggi and an exhibition of prints at Ru E, a project by Marcel de Medeiros.

To close the tour, the next stop will be in Vienna, Austria, where they were invited by the artist Walter Stach, and Philipp Dziersk to exhibit the works and prints of the A7MA.

Check out everything that is happening on the Gallery's social networks 🙂


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