On June 16, A7MA will present the group exhibition Yokoso, which brings together important Nikkei artists in celebration of Japanese ethnic and cultural miscegenation. Running until July 23, the show takes place in the month that the ship “Kasatu Maru” landed in Brazil, in 1908 and brings together the names Walter Nomura (Tinho), Titi Freak, Yumi Takatsuka, Rodrigo Yokota, Thais Ueda, Paulo Ito, Cristiano Kana, SOSEK, Imai Yusk, Ignoreforfavor, Rafael Hayashi, Atsuo Nakagawa, Erica Mizutani, Mothership, Felipe Ikehara, Catarina Gushiken, Katia Suzue, Guilherme Matsumoto (xGuix), Dan Mabe and Tito Ferrara.

Yokoso, which means Welcome in Portuguese, presents the public with an overview of the production of a new generation of Brazilian artists, who still use brushes as a way to write their history, valuing the caprice of the lines.

The union of this distinct migration contributed to the formation of great contemporary artists as Manabu Mabe, Tadashi Kaminagai, Takashi Fukushima, Tomie Ohtake and Tomoo Handa, what they magnified the artistic scene and represented national production on the world circuit, especially with regard to abstract art.

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