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“This year a7ma has been establishing its steps in the world of art and with audiovisual content it wants to supply information that questions, answers, feeds this universe. A new channel that will bring a new episode weekly.

We opened with the core exhibition and continued with more actions carried out in the gallery and on the street, performances, graffiti, expos, ateliers, the coexistence with the artists in order to substantiate the a7ma's material.”

In the exhibition “NúCLEO”, he deals with such artists, Rafael Hayashi, Bieto, Tché Ruggi, Jerry Batista, Lobot, Cristiano Kana, Willian Mophos, Ju Violeta, Diego Aliados, Alto Contraste, Felipe Ikehara and Nena Madalena, in addition to artists Enivo, who will soon have his solo exhibition, and Ricardo AKN, who has just finished his exhibition as well. Each one occupies its space interacting and bringing the real “Core” of itself, and its depths.

Photos: Marcelo Ruggi and Diego Aliados.
Film produced by: Jahjah Films

Directed by: Marcel Carneiro

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