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The magic of colors. The beauty of black and white. The art that transforms the streets. The people who bring the city to life. The artist and his creative process. Routine attitudes. Spontaneous gestures. Almost imperceptible details. The routine of those who spread their art around the world. The daily life of those who love the street and also suffer from it. They suffer for it. And they understand that this space belongs to everyone.

Henrique Madeira and Diego Aliados lead us to a deep, intense and real immersion in the urban universe, its charms and its anxieties. Only those who live the street in its essence and deeply surrender to it can portray it in such a genuine way.

The speed of events in modern life makes us move around the city without dialoguing with it, without noticing the elements and characters that compose it. The instantaneity and agility of Madeira and the simplicity and expressiveness of Aliados give us the opportunity to experience the street in a complete and authentic way.

URBANLY instigates, provokes and stimulates our senses, making us rethink the way we live the street and relate to it. As we embark on this trip, we will have the privilege of getting to know places that few people have had access to, as well as the lives of urban and anonymous artists who circulate daily in cities.

Make yourself comfortable. The street belongs to everyone.

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