On Thursday, February 13, at 5 pm, artist Erica Mizutani opens her solo exhibition TRANSLUCIDA, at Galeria A7MA. There will be 12 unpublished works, including photographs, illustrations on special papers and canvases of varying sizes.
Delicate brush strokes in intense colors, overlapping shapes transmitting sensations of lightness and strength, vivid colors and transparencies bring the name of the show to its purest sense.
The exhibition allows seeing the world through Erica Mizutani's eyes, a dreamlike world parallel to the real one, a possible dream, a desire that craves positive feelings.
“The main purpose of this show is to make all guests feel comfortable, filled and sated with calm and love. The transparent shapes and soft lines bring these feelings, while the stones and mountains present in many of the works in this exhibition bring reason and lucidity. And love and clarity is what I most desire at this moment”, reveals the artist.
The exhibition remains until March 29 at Galeria A7MA, located at Rua Harmonia, 95, in Vila Madalena.

Erica Mizutani
Erica Mizutani's collection includes canvases, photographs, murals, prints for major clothing brands, bags and shoes, illustrations for books, packaging and also artistic installations.
The versatility of his designs brings a rich range of styles that always bring nature as the main figure.
Erica also creates amusing characters, which permeate the streets of São Paulo, on city walls and poles. His Mizuline dolls are dear and passionate, as are his companions Mizunhocas, the giant earthworms that appear in his works.
Works on walls and canvases around the world and artistic installations signed by Erica Mizutani can be seen in Brussels, Paris and the United States.

"Translucent" exhibition
Artist: Erica Mizutani
Location: A7MA – Rua Harmonia, 95C – Vila Madalena
Opening on February 13, 2020 at 5 pm
The exhibition runs from 13/02 to 29/03
Every day from 11 am to 7 pm
free visitation

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