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Supernova by artist Alexandre Lobot

On August 9, from 3 pm, Galeria A7MA is pleased to host the exhibition “Supernova”, by artist Luís Alexandre LOBOT. The exhibition brings together new works that reinforce the artist's gift, who is an inventor of dreams, both with words and with painting. The exhibition runs until September 9, from Monday to Saturday, from 11am to 8pm. With free entry and booking groups for visits.

“Supernova is the name given to celestial bodies that appear after star explosions, producing extremely bright objects, which decline until they become invisible. Explosion of thoughts, intense brightness, fluorescence, unusual colors invade a black and white universe of words, symbols and chance. Luís Alexandre LOBOT is an engineer of dreams, reinventer of ideas, shakes the dictionary and spreads words in the air. Each painting is an open book, the spectator has the freedom to start reading wherever he wants, organize scrambled words, thus being able to co-create stories and be part of the whole that permeates his paintings, the result of the combination of drawing and painting with a strong presence of depth forming scenarios not yet seen in our real world. The artist is a guide to impossible places, considering that the order of factors does not change the product, his work has the opposite effect of the Supernova in a progressive explosion where the complexity and intensity increasingly increases, and its shine is eternal.” , defines Enivo, artist and partner of the A7MA gallery.

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