Dream, Art and Destiny

per Aline Anzzelotti

Magma Series

Dreams have been a fascination since the beginning of time. From them, great songs, paintings, movies and even brilliant ideas emerged. So, how to take advantage of this unknown but so rich world that exists within us? Studies show that it is possible to have lucid dreams and even make them work in our favor.

To dream that you are falling, or that you are flying. Dreaming of artists, of deceased relatives, of magic numbers. Nightmares hidden, a loss, a hazy will. Not dreaming. So too, how many situations happen in the dead of night, inside us, which we will never know how to interpret, but which mark our memory, of something that never happened.

In quarantine, people are reporting more dream activity than usual which is a good sign. According to Siddhartha Ribeiro, who is a neuroscientist in addition to many other things and director of the Instituto do Cérebro at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. – “Dreaming is fundamental for human beings and humanity started to dream less and less with time, sleeping little and having a drop in the quality of life and sleep”.

But how do dreams work and what are they for?

According to studies pointed out by the neuroscientist, learning lives in the world of dreams, memory persistence and the consequences of our choices also reside, which can be shown in dreams by pointing out some paths. Thus, without quality sleep, people do not achieve a satisfactory level of learning and content retention. It is at the time of sleep that the mind resumes the activity learned during the day and fixes it on the brain, even bringing about an improvement in the performance of that task the next day.

A night's sleep is made up of several cycles composed of 4 phases:
N1 – transition from wakefulness to deeper sleep, but still light sleep
N2 - total disconnection of the brain from real world stimuli
N3 - deep sleep, with rest from brain activity
And then, comes the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep phase. In this phase, there is intense brain activity and rapid eye movements. That's when dreams happen and also the consolidation of memory.

I dreamed that…

Great ideas and works of art emerged from the dream world. the first glimpse of Albert Einstein with the Theory of Relativity, he came from a dream where cows leaning against an electrified fence jumped together from his perspective. Although, another dream character who viewed from another angle reported seeing a cow jumping at a time according to the energy passing through the fence. Likewise, other great ideas like the first periodic table and the great Google were first indicated in the dreams of their respective creators.

art and dreams

If art lives somewhere, it's definitely in dreams. In the arts we find the biggest references coming from them. In the movies we can mention: The origin, which curiously speaks of dreams and is worth watching and Terminator. Books are countless, but citing two great classics we have Frankenstein it's the Doctor and the Monster. In music, a great dreamer is Paul McCartney, who composed two masterpieces, “yesterday" and "Let It Be” after nights of sweet dreams. Of course, it is not possible to talk about dreams, without mentioning the great Salvador Dalí, who shared many of them with us through his art. As Giorgio Di Chirico, bosh and the contemporary Alex Gray.

A7ma artists also dream
Work not yet available
Erica Mizutani

the family artists A7MA nor do they flee from their dream worlds and enter into this reflection on dreams. Violet Jú he often dreams of “flying” and it is possible to see in his works a reflection of this through his fantastic characters, many of whom have wings. Lobot it has a strong relationship with dreams, remembers many of them and describes surreal scenes that he creates in the dead of night.

Paulo Ito It poses the question of dreams that are possible to come true and those dreams that are equally important to be dreamed of but never to come true. The dream also has this function of sometimes spilling out some feeling that in real life would not be well received. One of these feelings may be the lack that isolation brings and can manifest itself in dreams, Erica Mizutani created a beautiful work to console the lonely.

We also discovered the James Bond of the A7ma family's dreams, Enivo who counts on dreaming of various situations and missions, always on the street scene as he is one of the most present artists in street art in the city of São Paulo, also reflecting on dreams. Tche, talking about dreams, comments on his new series that is being produced “Digital Landscapes”. He says that they are landscapes that appear in his dreams and they are so vivid, they are yielding a complete series, good things are coming.

Dream that you dream is just a dream...

Some rituals that can help the interaction with dreams according to Sidarta Ribeiro:
– Before going to sleep, say to yourself for a minute “I will dream, I will remember and I will report”.
-Having a “dreambook” and writing down what you dreamed every day, right after waking up. This is a big key to studying your own dreams.

Above all, we need to be reminded of dreams constantly. They were the ones who brought us from the caves and they are the ones who can build a better future. In dreams the consequences of our actions are revealed. Dreaming can be a big sieve of what really matters to us. The cliché is definitely right. "Don't stop dreaming, because a dream is destiny."

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