Sergio Free is the new artist A7MA

per Aline Anzzelotti

A familiar clown but with a strong personality and its creator, Sergio Free arrive at A7MA and are the new representatives of the gallery. From marginalized graffiti to recognized art, a long way traveled but full of positivism.

Clear and meaningful backgrounds, it seems to have texture but at the same time it's the memory that pulls something but you're not sure what. And a clown, similar to something but equal to nothing. Memory flirts with each piece by artist Sergio Free, and brings a concept behind the aesthetic, and nostalgia for who knows what.

From Bahia to São Paulo

Sergio was born in Bahia, but he didn't stay there and at the age of five he moved to São Paulo. Soon, his life had changed completely and forever. Firstly, because of the architecture that had absolutely nothing to do from one place to another, and for a child this has a lot of relevance. Second, because in São Paulo, the streets had writing, which drew attention to those who had never seen graffiti walls before.

This was his first contact with art, the graffiti of the late 80's. That left Sergio curious to understand, to find out who was doing that, who were those people who expressed themselves anywhere. He researched about it, and became more and more interested in the movement.

The 90s and Grapicho

He got involved with the movement but didn't exactly stay in the graffiti. He says that at that time there were graffiti artists and graffiti artists, who were seen differently. This is because the graffiti artist drew and not only wrote on walls. There was a tension between the two worlds and there were always fights and brawls between them.

It was very intense and cool to be part of all that, like a social network at the time. At the same time, rivalry and confusion brought a negative feeling. Those involved in this were usually seen as marginalized by society and not as a tribe of young people seeking to establish their identities in the local culture.

In the midst of all this, Sergio always turned to the more artistic side, even without understanding exactly what he was doing. He started to dedicate himself to Grapicho, which at the time were more elaborate lyrics. I learned about shadows, colors, techniques and how to draw better and better. And it was gradually moving away from that line that we know very well exists between the graffiti for the graffiti and the graffiti that evolves into art.

He started drawing characters but followed a code of ethics he had learned on the streets and didn't want to show anything he didn't feel was really original. Copying others at that time was more than frowned upon, nor was it practiced at all, because whoever did it lost respect. Until he got his idea.

surfing for art

In the early 2000s, the wave was surfing, surfing brands on the rise and Brazilian surfers aplenty. The movement was every weekend to go to the beach to surf and this wave arrived at Sergio. So he took his board and surfed. He began to discover this world of a sport that seemed far away, but which turned out to be much closer than he thought.

He began to practice frequently and as a result began to make new friends and expand his world. Remember the line between raw graffiti and art? So, it exists in various areas of life, and as it had moved away from the marginalized side, it also started to be seen with different eyes by people. Which brought more respect and information to the artist.

Nobody wants to compare themselves to the clown

His character was born from the set of his experiences and memories. Realized that this character in particular, awakens very different reactions in people and many even discriminate or fear. But, above that, for him the clown still represents that rebellion from before. “The clown is my disguised graffiti” – he comments.

But for Sergio, it's not just a matter of aesthetics. He says that in his works there are many details that not everyone notices, but that have a lot of meaning for him. In the creation process, the artist explores this connection that brings a lot of emotion, nostalgia and meaning. Still, the artist considers that this character is so unique to him, that it even distances him from comparisons, because in real life, no one wants to compare themselves with “the clown”.

Joining the A7MA team

As much of the good comes to us, Sergio Free appeared connected by one of the gallery's partners. This one, who was already an admirer and supporter of his art, insisted that he connect even more with our world. He already knew most of those involved, had already worked on some works here, but now, with the connection established, he is enough to add to the collection and richness of diversity and quality.

What is the role of art for you Sergio Free?

Sergio Free: – “For me, art has the role of inclusion, of opportunity, of being who we are through the realization of our art, because it brings transformation. I seek to be an advocate for young people with my work. I seek to inspire and show the younger ones that there is something more in life.

Art has always brought me a lot of positivity, even when the value I received from it was not in cash. Still, she brought me elevation and respect. And through art, we discover the power of imagination, which is to accomplish anything we want without any limits”.

Sergio Free is newly represented by the gallery and his works are already available in our shop online. To learn more about the artist, click on here.

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