Who is the art in the 2020 bread line?

by Aline Anzzelotti

When situations of global impact arise, such as wars, pandemics and natural disasters, human beings seem to seek refuge in something that, despite everything, makes them see the sublime of existence above the cloud of chaos and fear. Art seems to be that bridge, between good and evil that never completely separate.

Analyzing history, we discover art as an ally of man in all significant moments, especially in moments of agony and transformation of man and his environment. The Renaissance, which is one of the greatest moments in art history, as well as the current moment, characterizes an evolution of medieval structures and the pain of the Black Death, was a great example of how art brings critical sense and comfort to man.

More locally, we can cite subliminal verses so truly direct, which recounted the affliction of Brazilian youth during the country's dictatorship. A time when it was not possible to actually be “free” and certainly sit with friends in a public place, it could be very misinterpreted by political oppression. However, art always said what could never be said:

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“I can't serenade
The samba circle is over
We take the initiative
Viola in the street, singing
But behold, the live wheel arrives
And carry the guitar over there..."
Excerpt from the song Roda Viva by Chico Buarque de Hollanda

In the current era, we have a setting that is undoubtedly incomparable with the 14th century. Technology has changed human life completely and sewed up webs of communication around the world, which also affects art and the way it is not only made, but how it is delivered to its audience.

The bread line in 2020

With the Covid-19 pandemic came “Lives”, which are live broadcasts that a person can make from indoors to the entire world. And it's possible to broadcast anything; interviews, monologues, comedy shows, music, live painting, cooking, venting, any kind of content that anyone finds pertinent. In Brazil, Lives were recorded with 3 million connected viewers, a significant number as a reference for the future of the world after Pandemic Covid-19.

Along with the art that has been transmitted comes proof of how much human beings still yearn for it not only in trivial contemplative moments but even more in agony. Art has been bringing this balm to souls and ends up generating feelings of empathy and solidarity. Feelings transformed into tons of collections, donated to those most in need at this very difficult time that the world faces separately and together, at the same time.

In the view of A7MA artists

We have two perspectives, then, that explain the interaction of art with the medium, depending exclusively on the artist's capture and creation. The first would be entertainment, that moment of sublime gaze that lifts the being above the pain and transports him to a more comfortable place, which allows him to relax and feel lighter to withstand the situation at hand. The second perspective would be the development of the audience's critical sense, where the artist, through his narrative, generates the unfolding of thought and helps in shaping the understanding of a culture regarding some relevant issue of his time.

the family artist A7MA Violet Ju, reports that she is vegan and has sustainable and environmental issues as elements in her art. She points out the attention that food draws at this moment, to the dynamics between it, the body and our relationship with animals.

Tché Ruggi, another great artist of the A7MA family, has already reflected in his works issues such as the collapse of the Mariana dam and created sculpture with a reflexive dynamic on the “social isolation”. It also observes the change in values that happens at this moment, that a "simple hug" it looks like a luxury item and interaction with people is indisputably necessary.

When we play with the expression “Who is art in the 2020 bread line, we realize that it is always a fundamental piece in the history of human beings, defined as "daughter of your time" per Enivo, another key artist of the A7MA family. – “The artist reverberates the emotions and feelings that hover in the atmosphere of the social moment, thus being an antenna for society.”

Is it the art, the bread itself?

In conclusion, it could also be said that not only is the artist the antenna that captures the social atmosphere, but he can also be considered a “lightning rod”, which after capturing the energy, transmutes it into palpable art. This art reaches the individual in a more emotional way, contributing strongly to the construction of their being. Art may not be considered a basic need, but it is undoubtedly a need for the soul.

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