On June 26th, A7MA will present  4 Dreams - Anchoring Subtle Energies, with pocket exhibition by artist LOBOT and launch of the Short Film “A Pedra Mágica do Homem Invisível”, by Marcos Ré. Free entrance.

“Transposing signs, dates and geolocalizations, art takes us to a world of the impossible! In 4 dreams I seek to anchor my volatile ideas and in search of structural balance, presenting four drawings and paintings ”, says the artist LOBOT

About the short film A Pedra Mágica do Homem Invisível
São Paulo, a pipe and a crack stone, a fantasy that scares, that liberates and imprisons at the same time that mixes fiction and reality, tie and bare feet. A man walks the tightrope of madness and sanity of the concrete and the abstract, of what can be seen and of the invisible.

Where: A7MA - Rua Harmonia, 95B, Vila Madalena, SP
Schedule: from 18h to 22h
Free entrance
Contact: contato@a7ma.art.br