PERSONIFICATIONS exhibition by Ricardo AKN


Ricardo Akn in his 3rd exhibition at the A7MA Gallery, Personifies his art by showing his Introspective / Reflective side represented through Light and Shadow. In this new series he analyzes human behavior, its social and cultural conflicts. The exhibition is divided into two parts, two points being yin and the other being yang. The first part of the exhibition will have a fantasy theme, the features of the works are playful, colorful and light. The second has black and white tones, with more introspective, dense, serious and questioning themes. AKN's experience with graffiti, graffiti and illustration brought many learnings and techniques, pillars to make his work stronger and more personal. Applying unconventional techniques in his work today, often using fire as a pictorial tool, wooden boxes with cutouts and overlays. Materializing his creation in living and real art. The exhibition “PERSONIFICAÇÕES” invites us to explore the infinite universe of imagination, where dreams and everyday life merge into the fire of the candle that illuminates the precise brushstrokes of the artist who constantly creates the new. This exhibition shows in his works the personification of the artist's thoughts, feelings and conflicts.

TRT, TT Oiticica, M. Rantex


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