Digital Landscapes - TCHÉ 

TCHÉ was born in São Paulo, his roots spread to Minas Gerais in childhood and São Vicente in adolescence. His experiences wherever he went and the influence of his Geologist tutor became pillars of his creations, as well as street culture and the city's horizons.

From his childhood he keeps memories of the imposing walls of the Alterosas and the mysteries and secrets of the mines and treasures of Vila Rica and Mariana. In his adolescence the vastness of the ocean and the embrace of the waves. When he returns to São Paulo, street culture directs freedom of expression and perception to the city's horizon. His research moves between natural and virtual environments, having as a guideline the contemplation and tribute to nature.

The exhibition “Digital Landscapes” features canvas paintings and welded steel sculptures, which discuss the relationship between the natural landscape and the virtual landscape, as our gaze is constantly mediated by screens such as cell phones, televisions, computers, and so on. This interaction leads us to shape and restructure the way we relate to reality and nature. The relationship with nature was established and influenced the artist's domestic daily life, who has engraved in his memory a phrase in particular: “Nature is feminine and as such, capricious, it hides its secrets, only revealed to initiates” *.

Cleverly, TCHÉ draws a parallel with the secret algorithms of nature and the algorithms of the digital age, which connect to be deciphered on his luminous artistic canvases. 

Crystalline structures, morphological features and water dynamics are expressed with the strong visual impact of shapes and colors.

The primary root comes from the dust from stars generated in the cosmos. Atoms bound together in crystalline structures, geometrically ordered, constitute solid matter. The geometry of DNA generates living matter. Precisely organized geometric compositions constitute the primary codes that reflect the works of nature: GeologiMetria (as it likes to call it) that identifies the geometry by which nature expresses itself.

According to the artist, "Currently, our horizon of contemplation is reduced to the palm of your hand with your cell phone, all landscapes become virtual”, especially in this moment of introspection when forced isolation and cybernetics accelerate the reductionist process.

Thus, the spectator is invited to immerse himself in an art that challenges the identification of the “geologometric” codes of nature which, based on its contemplation, aims to lead the observer to interior spaces for visitation and revisiting.

"Nature is feminine and as such, capricious, hides its secrets, only revealed to initiates"

Juarez Fontana

 Geologist and mentor to the artist when he was young.

Exposure Digital Landscapes
Opening: November 5th, from 3 pm
Visitation:  Open Monday to Wednesday 11am to 6pm Thursday to Saturday 11am to 7pm

Where: A7MA Gallery – Rua Harmonia, 95, Vila Madalena, SP
Telephone: 11 2361-7876

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  • Fatima Rakowitsch
    October 29, 2020 6:58 PM

    Wonderful work!

  • Carmem Doris Argondizo dos Santos
    October 30, 2020 01:06

    I am more and more enchanted with your work! Congratulations on the colors and creativity you have to spare. I met a small artist even as a child who becomes that artist who every day impresses me and leaves me in love with what I see in your works! Best wishes that luck is always on your side. kiss

  • Maria Dorotea Queiroz Godini
    October 31, 2020 22:10

    I loved the pictures!! Congratulations!!

  • Nadia Luzia Conte
    November 6, 2020 02:02

    I congratulate the author of the work “Digital Landscapes”, for the magnificent work presented and for the subtlety in portraying nature from the perspective of its reality

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