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by Julia Bolliger

It would already be said that art, especially urban art, takes place from the photo. It is not overlooked that the look of urban photographers is what makes the work's ephemerality tangible. And this vision does not only extend to urban art, but to all of the life and culture of the streets – the urban everyday photographer is the one who sacraments, perpetuates and inserts the “urban gaze” into history. And (it has to be agreed) this is a non-disposable moment to look out of the window.

Especially in the last two decades, the urban look has matured. The record became experimented, came out of the box, and photography in the genre took on a second character of art, a “superart” that moves from documentary to personal expression. NOVO LOOKING URBAN, next A7MA's exhibition, is occupied with this transition based on the work of twelve photographers: André Bueno, Carlos Taparelli, Daniel Bernardinelli, Diego Aliados, Dong Sung, Fabio Stachi, Henrique Luz, Lucas Prado, Luciano Spinelli, Luiza Prado, Tabyta Yasmin and Zito.

NOVO URBAN VIEW brings together sets that range from carefree looks from the streets to acid documentaries from the underground scene, the use of alternative angles and post-photographic experimentation: “We seek to show everything that we see happening around us right now through the eyes of these photographers. That's why we selected guys like Taparelli, recognized by a photographic history of skateboarding, to Lucas Prado, an “alchemist” who developed a lens for overlays, to Fabio Stachi, who creates an artistic surrealism whose photography is only a first support” – explains Tche Ruggi, one of the exhibition's curators.


This Saturday the first Expo of the Year!!!…

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