Click on the image below to start the 360 ° virtual tour of the A7MA Gallery

Virtual opening of the new gallery in 360 °

In view of the serious current public health situation that is plaguing the world, and in view of the social, economic and political impacts resulting from it, Galeria A7MA is in solidarity with families that are suffering from losses, and struggles to be able to keep activities believing in art as a way of resistance and transcendence in order to be able to breathe and rethink our place of building new possible worlds.

Galeria A7MA has, since its foundation, believed in union, in a way of doing where the collective is always at the forefront, building solid bases for exchange and dialogues, giving openness and possibilities to artists who are not in a system already established in the market. art. And that despite being directly shaken by the lack of resources in the face of this scenario, they continue to believe and carry out their work.

This joint construction gave rise to the desire to expand our physical space to accommodate new activities, which was being carried out before we faced the current situation. However, bearing in mind that nothing is permanent and everything presents itself as a way to rethink and improve ourselves, we put into practice all our creativity to continue building and carrying out what we most believe in: art and unity.

With this, the gallery team is very pleased to open its new space with the virtual resources that today are given to us as a tool for exchanging and sharing information. And you are our guest! We make available through our website the 360 ° view (executed by Brasil 3D) of the physical space with the expansion already carried out, as well as the works of art available for sale that can be accessed by entering the link below.

In addition to the new space, A7MA has been producing special content on art posted every Monday on the website, instagram and facebook.

We are preparing more news with our team of artists that we will soon tell you! Follow us on the networks to continue on this journey together!

Instagram: @a7magaleria
Facebook: @A7MA.ART.BR
Click on the image below to start the 360 ° virtual tour of the A7MA Gallery

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