Is investing in art a good deal?

per Aline Anzzelotti

Investing in art resembles a bourgeois in a Playboy style robe, with a “Cosmopolitan” drink in one hand and a cigar in the other. But is it really still like that? Do you have to be rich to be an investor in this niche? The answer is a NO like this in capital letters, even if it is to be placed.

First, we need to popularize data on how much the art market moves on average per year. Few people know that we are talking about R$ 260 billion in 2017 alone, for example. And this data came from the annual report made by the Art Basel group. And this data shows a growth of 6% compared to the previous year.

In Brazil alone, art moves around R$500 million a year. This is a value that is even hard to believe, but that is because they spoiled our education and impoverished our Brazilian culture. The Brazilian citizen has so many priorities and even problems to face, since its colonization, that art has failed here.

Dom Pedro II revolutionary

Dom Pedro II even tried, by the way, we could talk for hours and hours about this boy who was abandoned here in Brazil without a father or mother, but who brought so many positive things to the land that he never abandoned him. Thus, he even brought photography to us, at the very beginning of his invention, and an Egyptian mummy to complete the collection of a museum he founded at the time.

Anyway, Pedrão knew things, but because he had been to many places in the world where people had the culture of valuing the work of artisans and everyone who created with their own resources. Because where art is valued, there is a culture that gives value to those who create, to beauty and imagination, to the new and to the creator himself as well.

But Brazil did not develop that way. First, because it is a very young country, and perhaps also because it still has so many very important basic issues to be developed. However, this is the reality, the confusion of values that the people, although not generally speaking, carry through life.

what is needed

On the other hand, real life figures have shown that art has never grown so much in the country. Both exports and trade, for some years now, the growth curve has been significant and even bringing more hope to countless Brazilian artists.

Unlike what everyone thinks, it is not necessary to have large amounts to invest in art. What you really need to have is vision and understanding about valuation. With these two skills and a reasonable amount, for example a contribution of R$500.00, it is possible to create assets, both physical and in shares, and that assets bear fruit in the long term.


At first, for small investors there is a choice of sculptures, engravings, canvases, photos and several other options from the most different artists. The more renowned the artist, the more valuable the work. Also, the more projected the artist's career and growth prospects, the more long-term returns will be.

Collectors are investors, intentionally or unintentionally. There are those who buy items out of passion and the more professional ones, who buy exclusively for profit. Both are investors, taking more or less risks. As the market is very broad, there are several application alternatives.

In addition, the investor can also make contributions to investment funds. In recent years, art investment funds have grown a lot in the country. They function as a collection that increases over time and also gathers more and more pieces for its collection.


Care is necessary in any type of investment and art is no different. So, to invest, be cautious, observant and understand that the big thing that mythologizes the art world is that it is a risk and liquid market, it is necessary to seek information and be very attentive to everything that happens. But whoever invests in investing stands out and reaps good results.

Fruits also remind us of something very important, which is long term. Art is like a child or a tree, which needs to water and cultivate for a while until the day it bears fruit, but that day comes and it bears fruit from the harvested fruits as well.

Choice of artworks

It's always good to invest in something that pleases us, so the most natural thing is to acquire what we like and catch our attention, but knowing about art is an important characteristic. It is not necessary to be an expert, but it is essential to know at least the history of art, styles and movements.

Still, it's worth taking an interest in the artist's life, knowing what path he's been tracing in order to be able to project an idea. Attending art galleries and events are also mandatory, for obvious reasons, as these are places where opportunities arise.

Also important is the security of your collection. So, if you can take out insurance and keep your assets protected, it will be prudent. Building a collection takes time, willingness and a feeling for the art world, so the added value is much higher than you can actually calculate.

And you, have you invested or thought about investing in works of art? What is your opinion about this investment? Share your opinion with us!

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