'LOSS' accompanies the more mature trajectory of the artist who brings the body as the main axis of his work

The body is the axis of Rafael Hayashi's work, so he arrives at the A7MA gallery at from the 20th of August with the exhibition LOSS. The public will be able to visit his paintings until September 26,Monday to Saturday, from 11am to 8pm. With free entrance and scheduling of groups for visitation.

Gradually, the expansion of the line became fill and stain, but the wide and continuous movement never disappeared. Hayashi migrated from drawing to painting in a slow and natural way, without an abrupt border, since the protagonism lies in gesture, not technique. The gesture of the line, or brushstrokes, finds rhyme in the gesture of the represented figures. This relationship is a pillar of coherence in the painter's history. His drawings and paintings have a lot of dance.

LOSS is the name of the exhibition that condenses the most mature works on its journey. Here the movement of the brushstrokes is based on human anatomy, but is detached from the realistic representation. The muscles dissolve in visceral, nebulous clouds. There is abstraction within the figuration. The bodies are massive, but the gaseous aspect of the finish and the white that surrounds and isolates the dark figures gives them ghostly lightness. In some paintings, small flat elements - knives - contrast with the pictorial characteristic of the rest of the work, reinforcing the uniqueness of Hayashi's research. The weight of the figures lends a sculptural characteristic to the works. The ink relief is visible. It is applied and then removed, with a piece of fabric, opening patches of light in the shade. This movement is more associated with sculpture than with painting, since it does not work by adding, but by removing material, and reveals something that was hidden in the opaque material.

“The dimension of the work of LOSS it is that of the individual and his relationships. There are no scenarios, but a sentimental landscape. There is no horizon because the eye is of the human over the human, not of the human in its midst. The tragedy is undeniable ”, defines Henrique Vieira, artist and friend of Hayashi.

Hayashi is a plastic artist trained at the UNESP Arts Institute, he made painting the meat of his artistic product. At the beginning of his imagery research, the line modeled human bodies. This line was gaining body, variations in thickness, under the strong influence of oriental calligraphy.

“Tragedy as a filter for reading the world and relationships, not as a fact. It is read in the way the bodies twist and intertwine. Even the desire vibrates tragically, along with anger, anguish and often tenderness. The latter is also dressed in tragedy, in a Pietá climate…. Here, in the sphere of content, the contrast appears again: Tenderness and Tragedy coexist, and the contrast of the concepts highlights their particularities. The painting is vibrant, as Hayashi governs the tensions created by contrasts with firmness and competence ”, adds Henrique.

About A7MA

A7MA is an independent space of art and culture located in the Vila Madalena neighborhood - São Paulo. Result of the union between the artists Enivo, Jerry Batista and Tché Ruggi (COLECTIVO132) and the engravers Alexandre and Cristiano Enokawa (FULLHOUSE), A7MA presents exhibitions of emerging artists in the world street art circuit, valuing the multiplication and sharing of information and knowledge acquired through intense research and practice, bringing together and sensitizing various audiences and generations, belonging or not to the universe that permeates urban art, re-signifying behaviors and concepts with disposition and authenticity, believing in the vanguard, representing the art that was born on the streets and it remains day by day gaining visibility and recognition in the market and art history.

Exposure LOSS, by Rafael HayashiOpening: August 20 starting at 6 pm
Visitation: August 21st to September 26th, from 11am to 8pm
Where: A7MA - Rua Harmonia, 95B, Vila Madalena, SP
Contact: contato@a7ma.art.br
Telephone: 11 2361-7876