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Between concrete and steel

Cement, sand and stone. stacked blocks, cast metal. A metropolis is thus built, with walls, doors, latches, locks and padlocks always locked, separating the inside and the outside, mine and yours in this society that seeks primarily to have it, transforming people into apathetic gears. São Paulo is increasingly gray and dark, the agglomerated buildings grew wildly and blocked the sun, Verticalizing the Horizon. In this multitude of anonymous people, some insist on existing, bombing, exploding colors, screaming traces, making themselves present through the transformation of the urban landscape. On the walls, they become remarkable, legitimizing their invented and countless repeated names, improving in quantity and quality in the textures of time, they are the so-called writers, or even writers, using the walls of the megalopolis as a giant notebook, mass destruction of the sad gray void that haunts the city of chaos. Kaur and Sliks are living examples of constant performance, stamping their names on the streets for over 15 years. Thus keeping alive the “Graffiti” movement. When both enter their homes and studios, they leave the street outside, however, the need for expression through painting continues, given by reflections on the experiences acquired through the experiences on the streets of the city of São Paulo. The colorful solid graphics painted by Kaur represent the constructions that tear horizons and prevent looking beyond, between revolt and Love, Explosion of colors. Gesture expression, precision lines and exquisite chromatic composition, overlapping illegible tags, resulting in plots, textures and abstract universes. These are the remarkable features in the work of Rafael Sliks. Chrome, silver, black and white, colors manifest.


ENIVO (Observer)

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