Creativity in 7 steps

per Aline Anzzelotti

Creativity is a word that automatically refers to creation, something new and different from what is known. There's also an inclination to link creativity with art, and while it's true, it's not exclusive. Therefore, it is also useful for everyday life, solving everyday problems and even improving our lifestyle.

Living life feeding creativity opens perspective and option in the face of the challenges of everyday life. Seeing things from different angles is essential for those who like to create new results and end up expanding their horizons naturally. Thus, adding to all areas of life.

But to achieve this innovative lifestyle, it is also required to work all the necessary stimuli. Creativity is not a gift given to some, it is like a muscle that needs stimulation to grow. As a result, ideas expand more and more and provide a greater number of possibilities.

Everyone knows that being curious, thinking of different solutions and fulfilling tasks in different ways are actions that open up the creation channel well. But here we are going to give you 7 practical attitudes to stimulate creativity.


Yes, yes, meditation feels like the "hot ball". It's transcendental, it's mindfulness, it's now is not thinking, and standing still. It actually looks like Chinese torture disguised as superior wisdom. But maybe that really is it. According to human evolution over the last few decades, people who maintain a constant meditative practice are people who have better mastery of thoughts, focus, and are people who create more, who develop more ideas. It was also discovered the large number of entrepreneurs and directors of large companies who practiced and practice meditation and recommend.


In a lifeless environment, it becomes more difficult to let go of the mind in new ways. Investing in stimulating decoration is a sure return. Art, phrases, colors. In addition, an amazing tip is to know and understand the power of colors and what they stimulate in human beings. Green is the color that most stimulates creativity, having objects of that color in the office or even on a wall can help a lot, bringing harmony, balance and innovation.


Even to have freedom, it is necessary to have discipline. Organizing our tasks, in addition to optimizing our time, also allows us to separate everything according to our productivity, or as close to it as possible. Set aside the very routine tasks that don't demand your brain into a time of day that you also know isn't your most productive when it comes to ideas. And leave more and more challenging chores for what you consider your peak energy time.


Unlike rabbits, ideas don't come out of hats. And yet, it's important to remember how difficult it is to have a totally original idea that no one on the planet has ever thought of. References are very important for the creation process, mixing your idea with ideas that you think fit with it and then trying to create something new, that makes all the difference and even magic happens.


Creative people usually have a notebook with them wherever they go. This is a way to not miss the ideas that come up throughout the day. It could be that several silly written ideas end up resulting in an idea that is worth investing in or that solves the problem. Always write down your thoughts, don't rely on memory, and don't belittle your raw ideas. Therefore, worked and cut, they can become valuable diamonds.


Doing nothing can bring very creative results. At first, no one takes the moments of relaxation and freedom seriously to do only what they enjoy doing. But these moments keep us so present and open, that the creative channel is 100% connected without us even noticing. Know how to take advantage of moments of relaxation in your favor, There is a special power for the mind in these moments, do not underestimate them.


Fear and creativity don't mix, so it's a profound choice to decide not to live in the comfort zone and jump from the springboard into the infinite possibilities. But this is a leap that few regret, when done wisely. It is not possible to live the new if we are not willing to pursue the new. Thus, taking risks in new projects, ideas, attitudes and even in the lifestyle, is what gives the basis for building our source of abundant creativity.

Is that you? have you done anything to be more creative? Do you have any desire or difficulty with the topic? Tell us in the comments.

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