Collecting is an ancient human tradition. Since we were children we want to accumulate innumerable copies of what we like. Thus, some leave this craze when they become adults, and others end up going deeper into the world of collections.

Collecting art seems a far cry from ordinary life. Either by values, or by priorities, or even not knowing what are the criteria for collecting such an article. However, nowadays, art has become more democratic than it used to be, and it proves to be much easier to be practicable.


Art has always been seen as a luxury item, due to its high value. But what made it easier over time was the issue of prints and prints, which few know about, but which end up making art more accessible than you might think. For example, these formats transform a great work by an artist into a certified and signed model, but with a lower value, making it possible to acquire a great work.

We interviewed three of our greatest collectors in order to clarify some criteria on the subject. Three different points of view but who are in the desire to collect something that makes them feel good. Valéria Pagetti, Paulo Silva and Marco Barros are great friends of the family A7MA and passionate about art. Above all, they are ordinary people, who stopped collecting stickers and started to collect works that inspire them in some way.

When did you start collecting?

Valéria Pagetti: As soon as I started to attend A7MA and acquire works I started to attend the exhibitions I ended up making a good collection.
Paulo Silva: Specifically, works of art such as canvases, prints, prints and etc. I started on a regular basis since 2014. However, before that, in the 90s, I collected magazines like FIZ and articles related to Graffiti and Hip Hop Culture.
Marco Barros: I started collecting in 2005. I started because I believed that the question of art itself and having works by innovative artists was a good idea.

Did your intention as a collector start out of personal taste or financial investment?

Valéria Pagetti: For personal taste. Much interest in Urban Art.
Paulo Silva: I don't think of my collection as something commercial, obviously I understand the issue of appreciation involved in each work, but I don't see it as something main. My point is the personal taste for each piece as well as the reflection it provides.
Marco Barros: My intention in building this collection was that it was a representative body of these diverse languages of urban art. Finally, I have always believed that good art would have a financial value too.

What make up your collection?

Valéria Pagetti: Most are paintings, I have no prints.
Paulo Silva: I have a little bit of everything, sculptures, paintings, prints and prints in general signed and numbered by the artists.
Marco Barros: My collection is basically made up of paintings, original drawings and prints. However, eventually I buy some work in a different medium.

What was your first purchase?

Valéria Pagetti: It was in 2012 and I chose a work by the artist Enivo. I also fell in love with an art by Bieto, which I ended up buying on another occasion.
Paulo Silva: I do not remember for sure the first art (considering painting, printmaking, print, etc.). But, my first paintings by Graffiti artists were from Cris Rodrigues It's from Quinho.
Marco Barros: The first work I bought in 2005 was a pair of panties painted by the artist Daniel Boleta. It is worth remembering that of the A7MA artists, the first two works I bought were from the artist Enivo in 2008.

What is your criterion when choosing artists?

Valéria Pagetti: Meet the artists, know their history. I am also very confident in the serious work of the gallery.
Paulo Silva: Aesthetic, because I understand that you need to like what you are seeing, but I understand that this is a very subjective and personal point for each one. Reflection, a work does not necessarily need to have a direct message associated with it. However, when there is this layer I find it interesting (and it doesn't necessarily need to be controversial). Identification, preferably I like to acquire work from artists that I identify with even if I don't know them personally, even better when I know them.
Marco Barros: For me, in fact, their art chooses me. I try to open my perception and sensitivity to the works and when it is possible, I conclude the purchase of the works that speak to me.

How did you find out about the Gallery A7MA ?

Valérito Pagetti Through a mutual friend. I went once and started to attend the exhibitions.
Paulo Silva: First on the internet, but then I had the pleasure of visiting the gallery and the guys when I got involved with the project. Favela Gallery.
Marco Barros: I met the A7MA through my friend and artist Enivo. Thus, the gallery gave me the opportunity to honor a local and important gallery of these artist friends, who have always impressed me.

What impressed you most about A7MA?

Valéria Pagetti: The diversity of artists and their techniques. The reception is also incredible and being able to talk to the artists and learn a little about their history.
Paulo Silva: The experience with the exhibitions at A7MA has always been very good, since the organization, as the creativity in bringing new things such as videos, interventions in the environment, debates and music.
Marco Barros: The exhibitions, works, receptivity and knowledge have always impressed me a lot at A7MA.

How do you perceive the gallery's work?

Valéria Pagetti: They have always been very serious and trustworthy. Certified works and professional service.
Paulo Silva: I don't know the installation service itself, but as far as the works are concerned, I always thought
everything very professional.
Marco Barros: The gallery's work is becoming more and more professional and showing improvements in service due to the collector's needs.

What is your vision for the future of collectors?

Paulo Barros: Actions such as the creation of galleries, social networks and social projects have contributed to a better understanding and appreciation of art. When the case is not a lack of knowledge and / or cultural, it often comes up against the economic issue. As a result, the advent of Engravings and Prints has helped to make access more flexible, but it is interesting that galleries / people who sell art think of original ways to facilitate access to works that have higher values.
Marco Barros: The collector's future is "NOW". Collectors have a huge opportunity right now at A7MA to buy cutting-edge art at affordable prices from artists who have made and will make history.


The culture of Engravings and Prints certified, numbered and signed by the artists has a lot of value and prominence, since we have two masters in this art who are Cristiano Kana and Alexandre Enokawa. These professionals have already worked with big names and their serigraphy works developed in their studios were present in some of the best galleries in São Paulo, which allowed the young collector to have contact with the artist he has identification with.


There is definitely no excuse for not starting to invest in the arts that somehow communicate with some part of us. With the latest events in the world and the isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of the things we believed to be of value, proved not to be. Thus, we can give new priorities in our lives, as family, friends and well being above all. Thus, as art brings well-being and quality of life to us, it is perhaps the best time to bring these pieces of art that transform our mind and our perception of the world into our daily lives.


Anyway, for those who follow the gallery on social networks, we will soon have a surprise from our artists. We will take action to encourage this culture and enable the acquisition of works by great artists at an affordable price. Stay tuned on our Instagram if you want to be part of this growing culture.


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