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In ¼ stories meet,

similarities present themselves on extreme sides.

Geographical displacement, Long distance.

2 from the South, 2 from the East,

Itinerary that crosses and crosses barriers

Cultural, Social and Ethnic.

Buildings in color range

Predominantly Earthy,

Brick on brick, orange backdrop

Entangled strands.

Nature, Blue Lake.

Looking out at Corner of heaven.

families live dreams

Block, sand and cement

Lift the gray leftover.

building the before

Timber wood.

In Capão there is Vila Flávia.

Pray to the Father, pray to the saint.

Saint Matheus.

Protect all the broken ones.

Bars, churches and hobbies.

Samba, football, barbecue and carnival circles.

Mutts and garbage bags.

Call stray dogs by name.

the walls speak.

Every house has a number.


To years of handling

Practice the art you make.

Peripheral aesthetics

Artists like that portray with propriety.

Your Time and Space.

They eternalize our people.

Make it happen.


Dedicated to: Alexandre Puga, Cris Rodrigues, Michel Onguer and Quinho Fonseca.

a lot of respect

"Marvin Rantex"


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Michel Onguer


Quinho QNH


Cris Rodrigues


Alexandre Puga

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