Street art is defined under intentions that usually result in collective works, full of human presence and strong touches of questioning. The art and culture space, 'A7MA' (read the seventh) in São Paulo is the home for many of these productions. There, only artists, canvases, brushes and friends are added - through the genuine desire to amplify contemporary art with influences from the street, to the limit of what is possible.

 Founded in 2012, it is organized by Marcos Ramos ˚Enivo, Tché Ruggi, Cristiano Kana, Alexandre Enokawa and Raymond Supino. From the individual to the collective, far beyond a name - athima (soul in Hindu), the 'A7MA' is the representation of the union of two artistic houses: the 'Coletivo 132' and the 'Fullhouse'.

With more than 100 m² of art, the gallery's cultural repertoire already has more than 30 exhibitions in its catalog and a varied collection of works and is considered one of the main spaces in the city, interested exclusively in street art.

Formed by people cultivated by the years of artistic production and another one of the passers-by of Vila Madalena, one thing is quick to understand about this space. He is friendly and not at all oppressive - it looks like an extension of the street. Without intermediaries, at the A7MA, the entrance takes place directly from the street.

With a lot of battle, A7MA represents the art that was born on the streets and remains day by day gaining visibility and recognition in the market. Each day, each new exhibition and day-to-day challenge is like renewing the union and the purpose of bringing art closer to whoever wants to be involved in it.

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