Sacred Geometry

per Aline Anzzelotti

Sacred Geometry and the meaning of its forms are studied and it is impossible to ignore the forms we find in nature. Thus, they bring the perception that everything we know was designed by the same hand and connects everything on our planet.

At art, has been a reference for many years, both in architecture and in painting. Many forms are associated with sacred symbols. Also, churches, temples, synagogues and countless religious sites, have as a present structure the forms geometric.

The artist Thé Ruggi, which presents the exhibition "Digital Landscapes" at A7MA, has as its trademark the geometric perspective. Also, mixing with its geological references, we can decode stories and landscapes.

In nature, the fractal is discovered from the leaf of a tree to the human genetic code. As if everything was developing out of a natural spiral of creation. Plutarch once quoted: "Plato said that God continually geometrizes"

Also, behind the forms, is mathematics. Perfect calculations build these patterns which, for some ancient philosophers and mathematicians, symbolize the divine. Galileo Galilei said that mathematics is the alphabet with which God wrote the universe.

So, how about discovering some meanings of the most present forms in our lives? Sacred Geometry and the meaning of its forms


First, the Maya and the Egyptians had this shape in architecture predominantly. Built to be the temple of the dead in Egypt and to represent calendars and stations for the Mayans. In addition, the triangle represents the trinity in the Christian, Hindu, Babylonian and Egyptian cultures.


The circle has another connotation, giving a sense of infinity, it is linked to the idea of completeness and perfection. No other shape has such perfect proportions in a single flow. Thus the circle is always placed as a form very close to God.

Plato's polyhedra

Plato's Solids or Polyhedra

Plato developed the theory of forms that represented the elements of nature and related to the creation of the universe. Thus, he named five shapes with equal sides and edges.

Metatron Cube

Metatron Cube

They say it is the junction of that of the Flower of Life polyhedra and Plato's Solids. It is also considered sacred because it is associated with Archangel Metatron, cited considerably in Jewish-Islamic texts and in Christianity. In the texts they say that he is a very powerful archangel, like a bridge between the divine. Thus, its cube represents the connection of the human with the sacred.

Life's flower

Life's flower

The mandala is well known, it represents the universe with its perfect circle shape and its geometric elements inside representing the cosmos. The flower of life is the main symbol of sacred geometry, and its first representations were with the Egyptians in the temple of Osiris. Thus, it is known as the key to the decoding of all creation, the cycle of life.

Choosing geometric art

Geometry is widely discussed in art and as art converses with environments and brings a style statement, it can be valuable to know the symbologies so that they match not only with the environments, but also with the personalities.

Currently, no other artist has mastered geometric shapes as much as the artist Tché Ruggi and for fans of this symbolism and art, his works are unmissable. See by clicking on here.

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  • Karol Kretikovski
    May 14, 2021 8:15 PM

    Among so many sites that I visited in search of this subject, this was the one that I liked the most ... Well written and complete article.

  • Mateus Azevedo
    5 de July de 2021 15:32

    Estou aqui movido pela curiosidade do Sagrado. Percebi que o Divino manifestasse no plano físico, na sua criação, na natureza. Tudo está repleto de símbolos, tudo tem um significado, só cabe ao homem querer e procusar entendê-las.


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